Situations, circumstances, knowledge, new environment etc. constantly change your personal and business life. For that reason I started looking for personal coaching and in consultation with my employer ended up with Powerful People. We soon had a good ‘metz’! 😉 Wouter is a fresh, enthusiastic and incisive sparring partner who has given me new insights based on the ACT assessment methodology, both in reflection, awareness and in increasing my decision-making space to make the right choices for myself. I have experienced this ‘reset’ as very positive and am more aware than ever of my natural strength. Not thought that after all the previous leadership courses I have become these personal insights richer. This was really spot-on!

Arjan Smit – Life Coaching

Wouter radiates confidence. I immediately felt at ease to say whatever came to mind. He created a nice atmosphere that made me go to coaching sessions with much pleasure. The trajectory was professional and successful. It’s made me realize that I don’t have to choose a job I was trained for, but I can choose for what truly makes me happy. I recently started a new job in a different field, which has been nothing but positive.

Elsemieke Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman – Career Coaching

With the Professional Power Program, Powerful People has created a complete and “well-designed” coaching program. The objective is career advice. In the run-up to that, there is a lot of attention for your personality, because of course it has to fit in with that. Partly thanks to the ACT assessment you get a better picture of your natural and learned qualities. For me it felt like a complete whole.

For me this program has 100% brought what I was looking for. And the great thing is: the road to it is heartfelt fun! Wouter is a committed professional who achieves success in a relaxed manner with a good dose of humor.

Gert Westerbroek – Career Coaching

Wouter is an excellent coach! He’s guided me on both professional and personal level. With his warm personality, Wouter immediately makes you feel at ease and you’ll feel energized and inspired afterwards. Which doesn’t mean he’ll hold back when he thinks you need to take a good deep look at yourself.

Martijn Kreling – Life & Career Coaching

Wouter has given me valuable insights in several areas of my personality, which has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional life. Wouter is a good listener and pays full attention to me as a client. This quickly creates an atmosphere of trust to speak about different matters. Wouter has the capability to show clients different sides of themselves and help them to develop these in a very professional and relaxed manner. I would definitely recommend Wouter to anyone who’s looking to gain insights (and who’s looking for development) of their persona.

Marius Noordam – Life Coaching

Even at the intake, I immediately felt comfortable to speak out about any subject. The coaching was nothing but professional. I found the energy to be positive and the way of communicating felt comfortable: professional without feeling formal. Wouter shows his involvement through effort, supporting my flow of thinking, flexibility in scheduling appointments and sincere interest.

Carlijn Hendriks – Life Coaching

A very professional coach. I’ve always considered the conversations to be pleasant and trusting. And he always added a hint of humor. I’ve now reached my personal goals. In short: very recommendable!

Rens Bronk – Life Coaching

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