Team Coaching

Do you recognize this?

  • Your team members are working on islands and not together.
  • Team members are unmotivated and do not take responsibility.
  • The common goal is unclear and therefore not achieved.
  • It is unclear what everyone’s strengths are and what the team needs.
  • The atmosphere is off and the team experiences a lack of meaning.

We are here to help!

We believe that successful organizations consist of successful teams of people. Teams that have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve the common goal.

That means more than just working with each other. It requires conscious commitment from each team member to strengthen the team on a deeper personal level, so that everyone contributes to results from their natural strengths. This leads to more commitment, fun and success!

Sustainable development of your team

Our sustainable team development goes beyond regular team coaching. This is because we work with the unconscious control of the behavior of each individual team member and the team as a whole.

We make the unconscious undercurrent in the team visible. This is very important because it is precisely in this in-depth way that sustainable development is achieved.

It is a challenge for any leader/manager to bring and keep the team together in a balanced way. That’s where we come in!

How does Team Coaching work?

Each team is unique. Therefore the team coaching process is always customized. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs. To give you a rough idea of what a team trajectory can look like:

  • Kick off: During the kick-off, the team connects with each other and the coach(es) in a personal and inspiring way. The content of the program is presented and the group commits to it. Knowing what to expect creates more clarity and security for the further process.
  • ACT Assessment: a fixed part of the process that gives many insights. The measurement is done at home, behind your own computer and feedback takes place during individual sessions.

  • Individual sessions: during these sessions, the results of the ACT Assessment will be discussed and linked to the development needs of the team member.
  • Team sessions: in these joint sessions, the insights from the individual sessions are combined and look at the strengths and impeding patterns within the team. The common goal is always central and each team member is challenged to contribute from their own natural strengths.
  • Follow-up plan: during the last session, you will speak about a plan on how to maintain your insights of the coaching in the day-to-day collaboration of the team.

  • Evaluation: at the end of the process, the process is discussed with the client to learn from the process and ensure the results of the outcomes.

What does Team Coaching bring you?

  • Insight into the strengths and potential of the team and each member individually.

  • Awareness of pitfalls and impeding patterns within the teamKnowing how to borrow and learn from each other’s strengths.

  • Understanding the (success) factors that influence ‘the team customer’ (internal and external).

  • A clearly structured criterion for success, including the team’s goal, core values and purpose.

  • Concrete agreements and a plan of action embedded in the desired team structure.

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