Life Coaching

Do you recognize this?

  • You have little energy
  • You feel down, sad or restless
  • You have a personal problem, issue or question and you need help

  • Dealing with it yourself or talking with other people does not solve it

  • You want to talk to a professional coach

We are here to help you!

We want you to live your most beautiful and sustainable life.

Our coaches would love to help you solve your problem and achieve your personal goals while developing yourself sustainably.

Do you have a personal question, problem you want to speak about? Please feel free to contact us.

We love to meet you and discuss how you are best helped.

How does coaching work?

You are unique. Everyone is unique. We will make sure that the coaching is tailor-made to your needs.

To give you a rough idea of how a coaching trajectory looks like:

  • Intake: you will get to know your coach to see if there is a match. You will dive deeper into your coaching goal and why this is important to you. Based on this conversation, the coaching will be specified to your wishes and needs. The number and interval of the sessions will be determined.

  • ACT Assessment: this revolutionary assessment gives you deep insight into your unconscious patterns that govern your behavior. We use this tool te ensure that your results will be sustainable. We don’t believe in quick fixes. You can complete the assessment in 15 minutes online in the comfort of your own home. Your personal profile will be discussed during the coaching sessions.

  • Coaching Sessions: the sessions can be held in person or online. Walking with your coach is also possible. During the sessions, you will work on yourself and your goal. The coach will speak with you and challenge you with live interventions. You might receive homework assignments between the sessions.

  • Follow-up plan: during the last session, you will speak about a plan on how to maintain your insights of the coaching in your day-to-day life.

  • Evaluation: the coaching is concluded with a brief evaluation of our collaboration.

What will Life Coaching bring you?

  • New insights in yourself on both the conscious and subconscious level

  • Better decision making based on these newly gained insights

  • Sustainable development aligned with your true natural self

  • Concrete action towards the realization of your personal goal

  • New energy!

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