Professional Power Program

We have developed a special career program for professionals who want to make sustainable career choices. This program enables you to find the work that naturally suits you. So that you will experience less anxiety, frustration and fatigue and more energy, success and happiness!

Work from your natural power

Do you want to find your answers to the questions below? Then this trajectory is something for you!

  • Personality: who am I and what do I find important in my life?

  • Power: what am I naturally good at, what are my pitfalls and where is my potential for growth?
  • Passion: what do I like and what gives me energy?
  • Purpose: what gives my life meaning and how do I want to contribute to a better world?
  • Possibilities: which attractive options suit my profile and wishes?
  • Planning: which option(s) do I go for and how do I get there?

The most sustainable career program out there!

We really want you to have the most sustainable results possible. Sustainable professional development, what does that mean? Nothing more than it aligns with who you naturally are, on both conscious and unconscious levels. In this way, it delivers a lasting, long-term result for you without requiring much energy. To achieve change at the unconscious level, deeper techniques are the key. We use the revolutionary ACT measurement for this, which quickly and accurately reveals the unconscious drivers of your behavior. You benefit from it throughout your entire life.

What the program will bring you

This program provides you with a lot of self-insight and goes further than simply choosing a job. You really get to know yourself better. You take the insights with you for the rest of your life.

  • Awareness of yourself at identity and behavioral level
  • Insight into your natural talents, pitfalls and potential for growth
  • Knowing what gives you energy and what costs your energy
  • A clear purpose
  • An overview of the jobs and options that match you completely
  • A concrete action plan for the short term
  • A sustainable long-term career strategy
  • New energy!


The trajectory consists of the following modules:

  • 6 live coaching sessions of 1.5 hours, which take place approximately once every 2 weeks.
  • ACT Assessment: this revolutionary psychometric measurement is a gift for the rest of your life. It exposes your unconscious control of your behavior, making your natural talents, pitfalls and your potential for growth crystal clear.

  • Live interventions during the sessions
  • Reflective assignments for at home
  • Inspirational content to stimulate your motivation
  • Final evaluation and personal plan to safeguard your results

Many Professionals have gone before you

In the past years, over 100 Young Professionals have successfully completed the Professional Power Program with joy. Here are some of their experiences:

Erhan Aydogmus

Within my network, I was referred to Wouter for career coaching. Through an ACT measurement and under Wouter’s expert guidance, I gained valuable insights into my talents, motivations, and potential. Throughout the process, I found Wouter to be a dedicated, no-nonsense, communicatively skilled professional who understands and senses which tools are needed for the participant to maximize their potential in the coaching process. In short, the coaching journey has been extremely beneficial for me, and for that, I am very grateful to Wouter.

Elsemieke Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman

Wouter exudes a lot of confidence. I felt immediately at ease and could easily express what I wanted. He created a pleasant atmosphere, which made me look forward to my coaching sessions. The process was professional and successful. It made me realize that I don’t have to choose a job based solely on my education, but rather focus on what truly brings me happiness. Recently, I started a new job in a different sector from where I previously worked, and that’s a very positive outcome for me!

Anita Dwarkasing

In 2020, I underwent a career coaching program with Wouter. I found Wouter to be a pleasant coach. He is adept at probing deeper and asking critical questions that prompt reflection. What I appreciated is that there’s a clear structure during each session, and the action plan is evident. I highly recommend Wouter as a coach.

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