Discover and live by your unique natural strength.

Discover and live by your unique natural strength.

My blog on giving advice on a new generation of Young Professionals, is about making career choices attentively. So is this one, but…we’re diving in deeper and getting more personal this time. This blog covers the subject of finding your unique, personal, natural strength.

Young Professionals these days, see their career as an extension of their lives. The search for happiness, fulfillment, balance and what truly suits their nature is key. Determining your course, maintaining focus and staying true to yourself is challenging in our turbulent attention economy.

The popularity of Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Ben Tiggelaar, The School of Life, zen Buddhism, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, vitality, time management are growing explosively. These personal quests are often time the subject of conversation during my sessions with young professionals.

Next to big, open questions, we talk about concrete questions like:

“What job do you see fit for me, listening to my story?”

“I’m in doubt if I should switch jobs. What’s your advice?”

“Do you think this job as …. suits me?”

During your career, these questions will pop up several times and different forms. Have you experienced this?

I experienced the need for deeper inner insights myself, when I had the choice to leave my legal profession. Up until that point, I had trained myself to mostly meet the demands of others instead of looking at my own motive. The time came to take matters into my own hands and discover why I chose a certain office, company or even field of profession.

Like described before, I spent a lot of time on gaining insights through consultations and assessments. This taught me where my trained behavior, natural strength and natural potential came from. It became very clear to me – and still is to this day – where to invest my energy in, to get the most out of myself. The knowledge of knowing where to invest my valuable time, creates an instant positive impact on my personal development and  gives me energy. I still benefit from this every single day.

Are you in search of more personal insights? Do you want to know what your genuine strengths are? I’d love to help you.

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