Sustainability starts within

I am committed to sustainability. For myself, (hopefully) my future kids, and everyone. I eat less meat, fly less, turn down the light and heating and turn it off on time.

But I don’t love to admit that I often still gravitate towards short-term pleasure and long-term pain:
Taking a nice long shower, ingesting toxins during parties and drinks, binge watching with junk food. But also: adapting too much to others, self-alienation, and self-denial.

We talk about it a lot: We have to become more sustainable. For the limits of the earth have been reached. And that is true. What I miss in ‘the debate’ is people’s raw self-reflection: That we as people can deal with ourselves much more sustainably.

What I am trying to get at is: Look at yourself!
And I don’t mean just what you do but to your innermost self.

Having such a deep self-reflection that you get to know yourself at your natural core.

Hearing this might sound vague. But it is a fact: We are nature. And nature is the infinite source of pure energy and love.
That is not vague or overly spiritual. But proven, practical, and down to earth.
And accessible to everyone:
Getting to know yourself as a source of unconditional love.

I surround myself with people who help me to commit raw self-reflection, such as Rudie Nijhof, Eduard J. Baas and Joel aan ‘t Goor.
They teach me to go in. To find my essence. To find my unconditional love, to continue to nurture and propagate it.
I keep learning. Every day. I don’t do it alone.

The rewards are great: I look at myself and others with more love. I get closer to my core and feel more authentic, compassionate and healthier as a result.
I make more sustainable choices and have fewer materialistic needs.
I sometimes still take a nice long shower, eat that junk food and deny myself. But every day I learn to make better choices and not being on autopilot: More short-term pain and long-term pleasure.

I grant everyone to make the journey inward and stand still. In fact, I think we need to do this if we want to achieve our sustainability goals.

So gather your curiosity, self-love, and guts, and reach out to someone who can guide you to your deepest sustainable self.

I can do it. You can do it. We can do it, Together!

From love,


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