Career advice: create your own greener grass

Carrière advies: maak je eigen gras groener

You probably recognize this. You’re having a great day at work when you suddenly receive a phone call by an unknown number and hear an unknown voice. Or a LinkedIn message for a great job that would suit you perfectly passes by. The job market is buzzing, and talented young professionals are hot.

The demand is large and diverse, which creates plenty of options to choose from: stay where you are, switch divisions, switch jobs, switch companies or are you aiming for that ultimate dream job outside of your current field. But are you sure the grass is greener on the other side?

There’s a lot to take into account when making a choice:

  • Personal development
  • Salary
  • Dynamics / flexibility
  • Appreciation / involvement
  • Culture / colleagues
  • Work life balance
  • International / traveling
  • Professionalism / facilities
  • Location / commute
  • Substantive challenge / complexity
  • Specialist / generalist role
  • You name it..

This all seems quite logical, you might think. But do you know what your true job desires are?

I’ve been through a professional transformation myself, going from law to a completely different field. The phase leading to that switch was somewhat scary but ever so important. I used the opportunity to dive deep and wide into the orientation pool, take an honest look at myself and deeply think about my wants, needs and ambitions for the future. I researched my behavior, motive and what type of job would truly suit me.

It led to me contacting different people from different organizations, who could help me find the information I was looking for. And these valuable conversations enabled me to discover if certain propositions suited me or not, based on the fresh knowledge I had gained about myself and the market. It all made me fully trust my eventual decision. And with great success!

In my experience, taking a step back when you’re ready to move forward, is the right way to go. Give yourself time to contemplate your options and think outside of the box. Get inspired and informed by negotiating opportunities, increasing your chances. Invest in yourself and create your own greener grass.

On a daily basis, I talk to young professionals about the available options in their career. I give feedback and offer a wide perspective on your wishes and ambitions for the future.

I like brainstorming with you and am pleased to offer my help.

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