Human Being Leadership

‘The quality of your leadership is the quality of your consciousness.’

This powerful quote from researcher Eduard Baas is the foundation of his revolutionary Human Being Leadership (HBL) management philosophy.

HBL is about people. People at work. People as managers. People as leaders.

Vision HBL: know yourself

HBL believes that every person, regardless of her or his position, needs personal leadership to make himself known in the world, shape his life and truly live through relationships.

Leaders and managers benefit more than others from personal leadership. Because it is precisely they, who can make a difference because of their status, knowledge and position.

Human being leaders will have a positive impact on themselves, their loved ones, their teams, their organizations. The world needs this!

Looking at the nature of the leader

By nature we mean the unconscious patterns that can strongly influence our behavior, without knowing the real cause of that behavior This is something that every person and organization have, but never gets the attention it deserves.

Looking at your unconscious patterns in a (time and cost) efficient way is done via the ACT Assessment. This unique and revolutionary assessment tool is available for using it on a individual, team and organization level. You can read more about the ACT Assessment in the menu under “Inspiration”.

Positive impact on organization

Because the human being leader who through personal development makes this talent visible, can offer it from conviction and can take responsibility for it is the leader who makes others grow.

This gives employees added value within the organization. Also, because they can work in autonomy, make a more effective team contribution, handle more responsibilities, and have a better understanding of what is and what is not within their capabilities. The leader can delegate more to them.

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